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Characterization of lenticulostriate arteries with high resolution black-blood T1-weighted turbo spin echo with variable flip angles at 3 and 7?Tesla

Source: NeuroImage 2019 Oct;99:184-193..
Author: Samantha J.Ma, Mona Sharifi Sarabi, Lirong Yan, Xingfeng Shao, Yue Chen, Qi Yang, Kay Jann, Arthur W. Toga, Yonggang Shi, Danny J.J. Wang
PubMed ID: 31158475

The lenticulostriate arteries (LSAs) with small diameters of a few hundred microns take origin directly from the high flow middle cerebral artery (MCA), making them especially susceptible to damage (e.g. by hypertension). This study aims to present high resolution (isotropic ?0.5?mm), black blood MRI for the visualization and characterization of LSAs at both 3?T and 7?T.