The Laboratory of Neuro Imaging is a large, comprehensive research enterprise working on imaging, mapping and modeling approaches to understand brain structure and function in health and disease. Its membership is multi-disciplinary, with faculty, students and staff from mathematics, physics, computer science, neuroscience, and related fields.

LONI has a large roster of projects that include: neurovascular coupling in animal models and humans, structural MRI studies of healthy and diseased animal and human subpopulations, histological characterization of the post-mortem brain in primates and humans, new methodologies in image analysis, informatics, and computational modeling and mapping.

Many projects complement one another. Numerous programs and projects have been developed with independent funding for each. Several can be related to the others such that results obtained from one project can be used as a test bed for another; tools developed in one project can be applied to neurobiological questions posed in separate projects, so that data and tools can be maximally utilized.

For more information about LONI’s funding, explore the charts below.

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