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A collection of applications based on the various ShapeTools libraries.


  • Support many common surface file formats (Minc Obj, Ply, Off, DFS, VTK). Please see the ShapeTools website for a current list.
  • Applications provide many commonly used data analysis steps, including: simple statistics, mesh resampling, distance computations, file list processing, and so on.
  • Portable without compilation (Java).
  • Calculates the FDR threshold of a Shape containing per-vertex attributes that are statistical p-values.
  • Samples a 2d image from a 3D image volume, and creates a ShapeTools rectangular grid from the voxels so obtained, using an ImageJ plugin to read the image volume.
  • Interpolates the vertices and data attributes of contour files.
  • Translates between multiple formats.
  • Filters a group of text lists containing boolean values.
  • Colors the vertices of a surface.
  • Creates convex hull of a given set of points.


This software package contains java applications that perform a variety of functions. They are products of the ShapeTools group. Details about each individual program may be found at the ShapeTools group website.


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System Requirements

  • OS: Any supporting a Java interpreter
  • Processor: any
  • Memory: 200 Mb
  • Other: Java 1.5, or greater.


Copy the files onto your computer.


This software package contains the java applications needed to perform a variety of functions.